Thursday, November 29, 2012

Sun N Fun 2013 Are you making plans?

I am already making plans to attend Sun n Fun 2013. I submitted my seminars list and cant wait for the season to start.  And this year is not over yet!!!

If you have never experienced Sun n Fun, do not miss it in 2013.  Your imagination can not offer the true experience.  This should be in your flight plan.  It is never to early to start planning!

Friday, October 26, 2012 dont miss his deals.

If you haven't been to Don's website he has great deals on biker stuff along with great prices.

 His October sale is almost over...get on his email list for the extra bonus!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Comments about Britt Paulk Aviation

Just an update to any SkySmith customers that have heard rumors and comments about Britt Paulk.   My recommendation is to get the facts, from a trusted source, so you can make an informed decision as a consumer.

Britt Paulk’s "underlying" insurance company/carrier is getting out of aviation.  That doesn't mean Britt Paulk is getting out of aviation.  Britt Paulk will continue to offer renewal quotes until November 20, 2012 and I assume, will start quoting again as soon as they have secured a replacement "underlying" insurance company.

This type of thing happens in this market and SkySmith has seen this before with other underwriters.  Insurance is a highly regulated industry and every state's Insurance Commissioner is looking out for their consumers.  Britt Paulk is sending out required notices and the earth continues spinning on its axis. 

In my agency, we shop the entire market so our customers know their options, including Britt Paulk when available.

Even large companies like AIG (currently known as Chartis) have had some turbulent times..... and Chartis is a dominant player in the aviation marketplace.  And NEWS FLASH I understand they are converting back to AIG in the not too distant future.

Feel free to contact me about any questions you may have.  Remember I work for you.

Respectfully submitted,

Scott Sky Smith

SkySmith Insurance Agency

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Zenith Aircraft Company's 21st Annual Open Hangar

Zenith Aircraft Company's 21st Annual

OPEN HANGAR DAY and Fly-In Gathering
Saturday, September 22, 2012
Mexico Memorial Airport, Mexico, Missouri
Check out more about the event here!
I'll be there, will you?

Specialized insurance for vacant properties.

If you’re looking for great insurance coverage for your vacant property, I can help.
I’m proud to represent Foremost Insurance Company, where you can find customized coverage for vacant properties that may not qualify for insurance elsewhere. Some highlights of their Vacant policy include:
·        Pro-rated cancellation. Although written as a full year policy, you can cancel any time, subject to a minimum earned premium. Other companies may offer a three or six month policy, but they may not refund any money if you cancel during the term.
·        Up to three years of coverage. Unlike most carriers, Foremost® allows you to insure your vacant property for up to 36 months.
·        Higher liability limits. This program offers higher liability limits and deductibles than many other companies.
·        Vandalism coverage. Foremost offers an option for vandalism coverage on your vacant home. Many companies do not.
·        No restrictions on age. There are no restrictions on the age of your home.
Foremost also offers flexible payment options so you can choose the plan that best fits your budget. Don’t wait another day. Let me help you find the coverage you want.

Friday, August 3, 2012

NEWS: Inhofe's Pilots Bill of Rights Becomes Law

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:                                                    CONTACT:  Jared Young

August 3, 2012                                                                                               Donelle Harder           



WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.), a member of the Senate General Aviation Caucus and certified flight instructor with more than 10,000 flight hours, today announced that his Pilot's Bill of Rights (S.1335) has been officially signed into law. Inhofe has worked to pass the legislation for the past year.  In the Senate where the bill enjoyed co-sponsorship by 65 other Senators, the measure passed by unanimous consent in June.  The House passed the measure by a voice vote

Last October, the bill garnered the endorsement of pilot and actor Harrison Ford.  The next month, the bill crossed an important milestone gaining its 60thco-sponsor in the Senate. 

 “This is a great day for General Aviation, and this would not have happened without the support of so many pilots all across this country,” said Inhofe.  “With their help and the work of so many of my colleagues in the House and Senate, we were able to overcome opposition to this law from the Obama administration with a veto proof majority.”

Inhofe continued, “Just last week at Oshkosh, we celebrated the bill getting through Congress.  Now, with the President’s signature, it is officially the law of the land.  I appreciate the help of great organizations like AOPA and EAA.  Over the course of my years in Congress, I have helped an untold number of pilots facing the pressure of dealing with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). This bill remedies many of the most serious deficiencies in the relationship between general aviation and the FAA, and ensures that pilots are, like everyone else, treated in a fair and equitable manner by the justice system.”


Makes FAA Enforcement Proceedings and NTSB Review Fair for Pilots 

  • Requires NTSB review of FAA enforcement actions to conform, to the extent practicable, with the Federal Rules of Evidence and Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.
  • Requires the FAA to provide timely notice to a pilot who is the subject of an investigation, and that any response by the pilot can be used as evidence against him.
  • Requires that in an FAA enforcement action against a pilot, the FAA must grant the pilot all relevant evidence 30 days prior to a decision to proceed with an enforcement action. This is currently not done and often leaves the pilot grossly uninformed of his violation and recourse.
  • Makes contractor-run flight service station and contract tower communications available to airmen. Currently, if a request is made for flight service station information under FOIA, it is denied to the requestor because the contractor is not the government, per se. However, the contractor is performing an inherently governmental function and this information should be available to pilots who need it to defend themselves in an enforcement proceeding.
  • Removes the special statutory deference as it relates to National Transportation Safety Board reviews of FAA actions. Too often the NTSB rubber stamps a decision of the FAA, giving wide latitude to the FAA and making the appeals process meaningless. This returns NTSB’s deference to the FAA to general administrative law principles, just like every other government agency.
  • Allows for Federal district court review of appeals from the NTSB, at the election of the appellant. This is important because a review by the Federal district court is de novo, meaning the pilot gets a new trial with the ability to introduce evidence and a new review of the facts.  

 NOTAM Improvement Program 

  • Requires that the FAA undertake a NOTAM Improvement Program, requiring simplification and archival of NOTAMs in a central location. The process by which Notices to Airmen are provided by the FAA has long needed revision. This will ensure that the most relevant information reaches the pilot. Currently, FAA makes pilots responsible for knowledge of pre-flight conditions. Non-profit general aviation groups will make up an advisory panel. 

 Medical Certification Review  

  • The FAA’s medical certification process has long been known to present a multitude of problems for pilots seeking an airman certificate. The bill requires a GAO review of the FAA’s medical certification process and forms, with the goal of demonstrating how the FAA can provide greater clarity in the questions and reduce the instances of misinterpretation that have, in the past, lead to allegations of intentional falsification against pilots. Non-profit general aviation groups will make up an advisory panel, which will give advice to the FAA on how the medical certification process can be improved. The FAA is required to take appropriate action on the GAO recommendations within one year.  


Sun 'n Fun plans new dates, many improvements for 2013

Sun 'n Fun plans new dates, many improvements for 2013

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Zachs new Motorcycle.

Didn't think I would like a "sport" bike (or a Ninja 250). I am kind of a Harley and specifically a Sportster fan. 

BUT what a great motorcycle the Ninja 250 is. They have a huge following and a great support network on the Internet.  Plus they are economical, nice looking, fast and the most important, fun to ride.

Once he gets more time on it we'll see what he says. I am thinking I may need to buy one for myself to keep up and have fun.

SUN 'n FUN Fly-In, INC. Launches Year-Round Activities

Another reason to visit Florida!

SUN 'n FUN Fly-In, INC. Launches Year-Round Activities to Support Aviation Education Programs
SUN 'n FUN is not only Florida's largest Expo & Fly-In, it is a commitment to the future.

Lakeland, Florida — The SUN 'n FUN Board of Directors has approved a diverse and exciting spectrum of programs to be branded as; “SUN 'n FUN Education Programs: Aviation Style.” On Friday, July 27, (9:00 a.m.) at AirVenture 2012, SUN 'n FUN CEO and president, John R. "Lites" Leenhouts will take the podium at the EAA Press HQ to flesh out this ambitious set of programs. In addition to sharing insights specific to educational programs, Lites will also be talking about “Back to Grassroots,” activities that will commence in August and continue right up through the 39th Annual SUN 'n FUN International Fly-In & Expo scheduled for April 9-14, 2013 at Lakeland Linder Regional Airport.  SUN 'n FUN's mission is to share the aviation experience with people of all ages through education, information, and inspiration.  Lites will provide a laser-sharp description of what you can expect to see at SUN 'n FUN on your next visit as he extends a personal invitation to Visit Central Florida.

SUN 'n FUN is dedicated to providing an experience of real value to all aviators, exhibitors, sponsors, vendors, and families. 

Education Programs
By incorporating the rich history found in the Florida Air Museum Learning Center and utilizing motivational staff, volunteers, and educators, SUN 'n FUN is able to provide educational resources and opportunities throughout the year.

SUN 'n FUN created STEMtastics™ as a framework for development and implementation of our educational offerings. Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) are the foundation of curriculums designed to teach kids the basics of flight while building self-esteem.  Students ages 7-12 are presented with age specific activities on the ground.  Older youth are offered free first flights through the Future Eagle Club and our Destination Aviation camp experience.  First Flights are also given free of charge to approximately 250 students annually at Wings 'n Things, an extension of the youth education programs, offered as a part of SUN 'n FUN's summer camps as well as at events conducted throughout the year.

The Central Florida Aerospace Academy (CFAA) is based on the SUN 'n FUN grounds. CFAA is a workforce academy public high school. Its students are offered a meaningful and content-rich education that inspires and motivates students at all levels. Students are challenged to reach high levels of achievement in STEM curriculums as preparation for high-tech careers in the fields of aviation and aerospace.  The Academy responds to the needs of industry by placing emphasis on teamwork, individual achievement, skill development, creativity, innovation, and critical thinking skills. With an enviable 100 percent graduation rate, CFAA's students are prepared to be productive and responsible members of the workforce. Students who maintain a 3.5 GPA are eligible to fly or to volunteer during the annual Fly-In.

The Lakeland AeroClub is a unique extracurricular activity available to students at CFAA. The club's intent is to enable students at CFAA to widen their opportunities in aviation by attaining their Sport Pilot or Private Pilot certificate.  Any student in Polk County, Florida is eligible for membership. Grants from the James C. Ray Scholarship Fund can pay as much as three-quarters of the cost of flight training for qualified students.  In keeping with the school's intent to teach responsibility and professionalism, the club members are given the reins, acting as board members and working with experienced aviation hands to manage and perform the day-to-day work of operating the club.  Club membership is specifically designed to be an experience that will pay dividends for the membership in the sky, on the ground, and throughout the member's personal and professional lives.

SUN 'n FUN Activities
As a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, SUN 'n FUN is providing a premier experience at each event on the ground and in the air.  Sponsors, exhibitors, guests and performers are offered southern hospitality and many opportunities to enjoy Florida sunshine.  Funds realized from events support the education programs.  Details of all events can be found at

Highlights of planned events on the SUN 'n FUN grounds include the following:

August 18th - The Lakeland AeroClub Back to School Event. Parents and Students will be up close and personal with SUN 'n FUN's Resident Jet Team, the Black Diamonds.

August 24th - Fly-In for Dinner and RAF Fire Hub Social

September 29th - Fly-In for Dinner and RAF Fire Hub Social

November 2nd - 4th - Wings 'n Things

November 9th - Hangar Door Canteen MASH
(Make Aviation Scholarships Happen) Theme

November 10th - Imperial Symphony Orchestra presents a patriotic Red White & Blue Veterans Tribute Concert on the SUN 'n FUN grounds with special ceremonies and air activity.

November 30th - December 1st - When Pigs Fly South - a Fly-In Barbeque with camping, music, motorcycles, car show and more.


July 19, 2012, Oshkosh, WI

Sonex Aircraft, LLC is pleased to announce that JSX-1, the #1 proof-of-concept prototype of the SubSonex very, very light jet will be flying during the Showcase presentation at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2012! The SubSonex is currently scheduled to fly a 5-minute demonstration in three of the week¹s pre-air show showcases: Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. The AirVenture showcase takes place between approximately 2:30 and 3:30 pm each day, just prior to the air show. JSX-1 will be piloted by famed air show performer Bob Carlton. Carlton has flown much of the JSX-1¹s flight test program for Sonex Aircraft, LLC and is known for his Super Salto jet powered glider act, also appearing at AirVenture 2012.

The SubSonex is a jet aircraft kit concept designed to cross ³jet jock² off your bucket list in an easy to build, easy to fly premium kit package. The

JSX-1 proof-of-concept prototype is being used to explore the viability of the design for a possible aircraft kit product in the Sonex Aircraft lineup.

Using the PBS TJ-100 engine package, the aircraft has been extremely successful to-date, and JSX-2 is already under construction with enhanced features. See the JSX-1 up-close in the Sonex Aircraft booth display at

AirVenture: North Aircraft Display area, Booth 622.

Sonex Aircraft, LLC is a leader in the experimental kit aircraft industry, providing a series of Sport Pilot eligible kit aircraft and producing the AeroConversions line of products which include the AeroVee engine, AeroInjector and ancillary aviation products. Sonex Aircraft¹s Sonex, Waiex, and Onex sport planes, and the Xenos sport motorglider offer outstanding performance in an easy to build, easy to fly kit package that can be purchased and completed with full technical support at an unrivaled price.

Sonex and AeroConversions product development is committed to providing simple, elegant and low-cost solutions for sport flying. Simply put, Sonex Aircraft and AeroConversions products provide the best performance per dollar. Check us out at and

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Can you believe this???

Hawker seeks permission to give top execs bonuses

Layoff people, file bankruptcy, sell to the Chinese and then pay themselves bonuses.

It all seems so wrong!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Tour a Flying Hospital at Oshkosh!!!


Flying Eye Hospital Returns to EAA AirVenture and ORBIS to Announce Details of
MD-10 2013 Launch!

Aviation enthusiasts are abuzz with the upcoming EAA AirVenture Convention - the world’s largest airshow – taking place July 23-29, 2012 at Wittman Regional Airport in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. This year, ORBIS International’s Flying Eye Hospital (FEH), a literal hospital with wings, returns to AirVenture for the third time and on an unprecedented scale.

The FEH will be the largest plane at the airshow and the only offering a behind-the-scenes look at the interior of an aircraft. Visitors can tour the FEH, which is a result of a unique and lasting alliance forged between the medical and aviation industries. The specially designed and converted DC-10 aircraft allows the ORBIS team and Volunteer Faculty to provide hands-on training to local eye care professionals and convey the latest medical knowledge to treat patients and restore sight.

More details on ORBIS are available at  


Lindsay Evans

Vice President

Edelman Health

250 Hudson St.

New York, NY 10013

Tel: 212 704 8212

Mob: 646 234 0011

Fax: 212 704 0117

Thursday, July 5, 2012

“Disney Night” at AirVenture Fly In

“Disney Night” at AirVenture Fly In Theater to Showcase 20th Anniversary Screening of fan-favorite THE ROCKETEER

The 20th anniversary edition of THE ROCKETEER, now available in hi-def on Disney Blu-ray, will blast across the screen on Thursday, July 26th at the Fly In Theater in Oshkosh, delighting thousands with the story of a dangerous mission that transforms an ordinary young man into an extraordinary hero!

THE ROCKETEER centers around the discovery of a top-secret jetpack that hurls test pilot Cliff Secord into a daring adventure of mystery, suspense and intrigue!  Cliff encounters an assortment of ruthless villains, led by a Hollywood screen star who is a secret Nazi spy.  With the help of his actress girlfriend, the young pilot battles enormous odds to defeat his foes who are anxious to use the device in an evil plan to rule the world.  The movie stars, Billy Campbell, Jennifer Connelly, Timothy Dalton and Alan Arkin.

The nightly Fly In Theater, presented by Ford Motor Company, with support from Hamilton Watches, is one of the most popular attractions at AirVenture each year.  “The Disney audience and EAA AirVenture attendees share a great family culture” said EAA President and CEO Rod Hightower.  “We couldn’t be happier to show this great Disney feature at AirVenture.”  The Ford team was instrumental in orchestrating the addition of Disney to the weeklong venue.   “We constantly strive to make the Fly In Theater experience a highpoint at AirVenture, and we look forward to this year’s Disney Night as the first of many” said Kevin Keling, Corporate Events Manager with Ford.

The free nightly movies are attended by thousands and are shown on a huge 5 story outdoor screen.  Other movies scheduled for this year include: 633 SQUADRON on Sunday, July 22nd; 30 SECONDS OVER TOKYO on Monday, July 23rd; MISSION IMPOSSIBE GHOST PROTOCOL on Tuesday, July 24th; RED TAILS on Wednesday, July 25th; STAR TREK (2009) on Friday, July 27th and THE GREAT WALDO PEPPER on Saturday, July 28th.

For more information on the Fly In Theater at AirVenture, please contact:

Dick Knapinski…

Tuesday, June 26, 2012



American Airlines’ 737 to depart, arrive at AirVenture grounds as part of ‘Salute to Veterans’

EAA AVIATION CENTER, OSHKOSH, Wis. — (June 26, 2012) — EAA, American Airlines, and Old Glory Honor Flight, Inc., have joined together once again to give World War II veterans the opportunity to visit the powerful memorials dedicated in their honor with an Old Glory Honor Flight departing from EAA AirVenture 2012 on Friday, July 27.

The 60th annual edition of “The World’s Greatest Aviation Celebration” will take place July 23-29 at Wittman Regional Airport in Oshkosh. The Old Glory Honor Flight is just one of the endless attractions, activities and forums as part of “Salute to Veterans Day,” presented by Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation, on July 27.

On the morning of Friday, July 27, the special American Airlines yellow-ribbon 737 aircraft, “Flagship Liberty,” will fly approximately 80 World War II veterans from the AirVenture grounds to Washington, D.C. After a reception greeting them at Reagan National Airport, the veterans will be taken on a day-long tour of memorials honoring the sacrifices they made preserving freedom, including the World War II Memorial and Arlington National Cemetery.

“All of us at American Airlines are excited to be a part of this year’s EAA AirVenture, and especially to have the opportunity to fly some of our nation’s greatest treasures – World War II veterans – to see their memorial in Washington, D.C.,” said Captain Jim Palmersheim, Director of Veterans Military Programs for American Airlines. “American has a long history of supporting our troops, veterans, and their families. It is an honor to serve the members of ‘The Greatest Generation’ who have given so much for this country.”

The Old Glory Honor Flight veterans will return to AirVenture on Friday for a scheduled arrival shortly after 6 p.m., when they will be greeted by thousands of AirVenture attendees on Phillips 66 Plaza and receive a welcome home reception that many did not receive more than 60 years ago.

"We at Old Glory Honor Flight live by the motto that it is never too late to say 'thank you,' and we are honored to be conducting our third annual AirVenture Honor Flight in partnership with EAA and American Airlines," said Drew MacDonald, President of Old Glory Honor Flight, Inc. “It is truly a unique and spectacular way of showing our admiration, respect and gratitude for America's military veterans."

The Old Glory Honor Flight, the Northeast Wisconsin hub of the Honor Flight Network, recognizes World War II veterans for sacrifices and achievements by providing a memorable, safe, and rewarding tour of Washington, D.C., memorials at no cost.

Additional information on the Old Glory Honor Flight is available at

About EAA AirVenture Oshkosh

EAA AirVenture Oshkosh is “The World’s Greatest Aviation Celebration” and EAA’s yearly membership convention. Additional EAA AirVenture information, including advance ticket and camping purchase, is available online at EAA members receive lowest prices on admission rates. For more information on EAA and its programs, call 1-800-JOIN-EAA (1-800-564-6322) or visit Immediate news is available at

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My next back pack. Waterproof! Already ordered one for myself.

Want one? Put in an order through SkySmith at $79.95 plus freight. 
Protect all your "stuff" on the boat, in the plane, in the car or on your motorcycle. 

  • 100% Waterproof Main Compartment
  • Water Resistant Zippered Outer Storage
  • External Zippered Mesh Pocket for Your Wet Gear
  • Mesh Side Pocket/ Drink Bottle Holder
  • Two Way Valve for inflation of compression
  • Padded Shoulder Straps
  • Top Hold Handles
  • Waist/ Hip Support
  • Lower Back Padded Support
  • 30 Liters of Storage Capacity
  • Main compartment is perfect for holding laptops and other large electronics that are up to 12 inches wide

New look for the Sportster.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Renters insurance for Rotorcraft, Single and Multi engine aircraft.

If you want to rent a twin engine aircraft, a helicopter or just a local Cessna 172, we now have a company that will provide  non owned (or sometimes called renters) insurance just for that purpose.

Rent not only a single engine aircraft but also a glider or a  multi engine aircraft and even a helicopter.  Reasonable rates. Contact us for more details.

Monday, May 14, 2012



Contact: Della Domingo 909/978-6723

Lawmakers Acknowledge Importance of Collection and Restoration of Historic and Classic Cars

Washington, D.C. (May 10, 2012) -- The United States Senate passed Senate Resolution 452 (S. Res. 452) at the request of the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) and its Automotive Restoration Market Organization (ARMO) and Hot Rod Industry Alliance (HRIA) Councils designating July 13, 2012 as “Collector Car Appreciation Day.” The date marks the third commemoration in what has become an annual event to celebrate and raise awareness of the vital role automotive restoration and collection plays in American society.

As with the previous two Resolutions, S. Res. 452 was sponsored by Congressional Automotive Performance and Motorsports Caucus members Senator Jon Tester (D-MT) and Senator Richard Burr (R-NC). Senators Tester and Burr are strong advocates for the automotive hobby in Washington, and S. Res. 452 reaffirms their understanding of the cultural importance of collector cars. The Caucus is an informal, non-partisan group that pays tribute to America’s ever growing love affair with the car and motorsports.

“We are grateful for the U.S. Senate’s recognition of the collector car hobby as an American pastime and means of individual expression,” said SEMA Vice President of Government Affairs Steve McDonald. “Collector Car Appreciation Day is also singular tribute to the collector car industry and the millions of hobbyists it supports. Restoration businesses help preserve our nation’s heritage while providing well-paying, high-skilled jobs nationwide.”

States, cities and two Canadian provinces joined the U.S. Senate last year by passing their own proclamations and resolutions. This year, the Hawaii State Legislature has already passed two resolutions and several other states are pursuing similar initiatives.

“On July 13, 2012, collectors and enthusiasts will host hundreds of events across the country,” said Laura Bergan, Chairman of SEMA’s Automotive Restoration Market Organization (ARMO) Council. “We will again proudly partner with individuals, car clubs and businesses as they organize car cruises, club gatherings and other educational events to celebrate the day.”

Through its grassroots hobbyist organization, the SEMA Action Network (SAN), SEMA is maintaining a list of scheduled events to commemorate the day at Individuals, car clubs and business owners interested in publicizing events should contact SAN Director Colby Martin at 909/978-6721 or If you are unable to celebrate on July 13th, SAN encourages events to be scheduled throughout the month of July.

About SEMA
SEMA, the Specialty Equipment Market Association founded in 1963, represents the $29.99 billion specialty automotive industry of 6,383 member-companies. It is the authoritative source for research, data, trends and market growth information for the specialty auto parts industry. The industry provides appearance, performance, comfort, convenience and technology products for passenger and recreational vehicles. For more information, contact SEMA at 1575 S. Valley Vista Dr., Diamond Bar, CA 91765, tel: 909/396-0289, or visit or

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A couple things that work for me.

I have had good results "living" by these basic rules (many more of course) but these resonated with me. Maybe its "trying to live by" these rules because I cant do it all the time but they are a goal and reminder

Don Miguel Ruiz's - The Four agreements

1. Be Impeccable With Your Word - Speak with integrity. Say only what you mean. Avoid using the word to speak against yourself or to gossip about others. Use the power of your word in the direction of truth and love.

2. Don't Take Anything Personally - Nothing others do is because of you. What others say and do is a projection of their own reality, their own dream. When you are immune to the opinions and actions of others, you won't be the victim of needless suffering.

3. Don't Make Assumptions - Find the courage to ask questions and to express what you really want. Communicate with others as clearly as you can to avoid misunderstandings, sadness and drama. With just this one agreement, you can completely transform your life.

4. Always Do Your Best - Your best is going to change from moment to moment; it will be different when you are healthy as opposed to sick. Under any circumstance, simply do your best, and you will avoid self-judgment, self-abuse and regret.

One more is "love yourself". Cant have love if you don't love yourself. And this is more than just a simple "I love myself" comment. Its treating yourself right, respecting yourself and knowing when to dig deep down inside and drop the ego and any requirement for external recognition. Learn to be happy just because. Be happy and be alive. Live and enjoy waking up in the morning. BUT none of this is easy! Its a constant battle. But, each step brings more happiness and even more success.

I also believe in the law of attraction.

And my three G's to the law of attraction are: Gratitude (have gratitude for what you have and we all have something to be grateful for), Give (Give what you can (and what you want back) like time, love, friendship, etc) and Get (get what you give back).

WaterCar - Amphibious Car Python Edition at Lake Havasu and Newport Beac...

Monday, April 9, 2012

American Modern Online Services

Don't forget - Spread the word about Online Services

Online_Services_logo_PC_and_Grass_120x122 Nearly 34,000 policyholders have registered for 24/7 access to their policy documents with Online Services in just the first seven months of its availability. And, we expect to push that number much higher with your help. In a recent survey of 1,500 registrants, 6% of them said they had heard about Online Services from their agent or their agent's website. Their feedback on the site was overwhelmingly positive. So, please don't keep the good news to yourself. Let your customers in on the benefits of Online Services, the American Modern tool created to give them online access to their insurance documents and other services.

As a reminder, here are a few facts to share with your customers:

  • They can have access to their policy and billing documents quickly, even after traditional work hours when your office is closed.
  • Online access to documents means paper copies are no longer needed, supporting the conservation of paper and other resources.
  • They will receive email and, optionally, text notifications when new documents are available in their online account.

Help us spread the word about Online Services. It's good for everyone...including the environment.

Encourage your customers to sign up today!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Peoples Choice Warbirds!!! You pick.


Ballots will be available at Main Registration Ramp;
Warbird Registration from March 27 - 30.
Please vote during that time.
Winners will be announced during the Airshow on
Sunday, April 1, 2012.
One winner in each category will be selected.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Free Sun ‘n Fun App Available from Sporty’s


New features make this year’s app even more useful Sporty’s, in partnership with Sun ‘n Fun, has created a mobile app for the 2012 show, which is now available for both Apple and Android devices. The Sun ‘n Fun app may be downloaded free at, through the iTunes App store, or Google Play (formerly Android Market).

All the information a show-goer needs to travel to and navigate around the show is available on this app. New this year is an interactive exhibitors list with detailed hangar and exhibit area maps. When you click on an exhibitor’s company name, you will instantly see a map pinpointing the exhibitor’s location on the show grounds.

“This feature is so useful in that you no longer have to figure out what something like C-090 means as a location,” said Sporty’s Vice President John Zimmerman. “You’ll be able to see quickly on a map where you want to go.”

Sporty’s Sun ‘n Fun app will be useful even before the show starts. If you’re driving to the event, you can access directions and detailed parking information. You can also avoid long admission lines by buying advanced tickets through the app. Of course, those flying to the show can also stock up on supplies you need with a direct link to Sporty’s. The complete Sun ‘n Fun NOTAM is included for arrival and departure procedures as well as a convenient local airport directory and even special FBO offers. It’s perfect for in-flight reference and does not require an internet connection.

Another new feature will help you make your trip to Sun ‘n Fun even more efficient. You can pull out the exhibitors, seminars, workshops and other activities you don’t want to miss and compile the list into a “My Sun ‘n Fun” section. Once at the show, the Sun ‘n Fun app has plenty of maps: the convention grounds, the campgrounds, an aerial map, Splash-In map and more.
Your smartphone will be your best companion as you walk the grounds of Sun ‘n Fun. The daily schedule will be at your fingertips including forums, workshops, the daily air show, evening programs and special Fly-In activities. You can even enjoy Sun ‘n Fun radio and get the latest show updates via the app.

“When you walk around an airshow, you want to carry as little as possible,” adds Zimmerman. “With Sporty’s Sun ‘n Fun app, you will have all the information you need right in your phone.”
Sporty’s created the app as a service to Sun ‘n Fun attendees. In addition to Sun ‘n Fun, Sporty’s has also created apps for EAA AirVenture, AOPA Summit and the International Women in Aviation Conference.

Sporty's 2012 Sun ‘n Fun app works on all Apple devices, including iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. Another version of the app is designed for Android users, including tablets and the Kindle Fire. For more information, or to get the free app, visit
About Sporty's:

Now in its 51st year, Sporty's has grown from a one-man operation launched by Hal Shevers to the world's largest pilot shop and an iconic general aviation brand. Sporty's operations extend to airport management, avionics installation and repair, aircraft maintenance, a residential airport community, new aircraft sales and flight training, including for the University of Cincinnati's professional pilot program. Located at Clermont County/Sporty's Airport (I69), Sporty's is philanthropically dedicated to expanding the general aviation community with both pilots and skilled technicians.
Contact Information
Mark Wiesenhahn
513.735.9100 ext. 338

Thursday, March 1, 2012

New business..

We did something a little different this year...we had a booth at the Adult Entertainment Expo in Vegas.  Okay, I know it sounds wild, and really,  it was wild, but from a business marketing plan it worked for us. We were the only insurance agent with a booth. We promoted "toy" insurance for cars, boats, aircraft etc.  We are also working on product liability, commercial general liability, personal life insurance and more.  Specialty insurance products are what we do.

While it might not have been exactly what we anticipated, it was successful.  It was also fun and an experience of a lifetime.  Both my kids (don't worry, they are 22 and 24) and my partner (and spouse)  helped develop the marketing plan and work the show.  Since they are all involved in the business they had an input into how we would work this event. Question we are always asked...Would I go back?  Yes.

Anyway, if you or anyone you know, needs "toy" insurance or anything else that is unusual, give us a call. We like the specialty markets.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

New fees in airlines, user fees for owners..when does it stop????

Obama's 2013 budget plan includes higher air passenger fees
The 2013 budget plan proposed by the Obama administration calls for a rise in passenger security fees at airlines, with a goal of collecting as much as $25.5 billion in additional passenger fees over the next 10 years. Airlines have expressed disapproval at the proposed fee increase, citing possible job cuts. The budget request also proposes a bill that would boost transportation spending to $476 billion over six years as well as a $1 billion budget for hardware upgrades at the Federal Aviation Administration. The Wall Street Journal/Dow Jones Newswires (2/13), USA TODAY/Today In The Sky blog (2/13), The Hill/Transportation blog

Friday, February 10, 2012

Richard Bach

"Nothing happens by chance, my friend... No such thing as luck. A meaning behind every little thing, and such a meaning behind this. Part for you, part for me, may not see it all real clear right now, but we will, before long."

Electric car...SUV...gull-wing doors

Tesla co-founder Elon Musk demonstrates the Model X's falcon-wing doors.
(Credit: Wayne Cunningham/CNET)

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Minneapolis on way to Seattle Boat Show 

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