Is Fantasy of Flight haunted?

Neat story in GA News today.

Jan 14, 2010 04:11 pm | Posted by Janice Wood| © GAN, 2009
For years visitors to Fantasy of Flight, Kermit Weeks’ aircraft collection in Polk City, Florida, believed that the only specters of the past they’d encounter would be the collection of 40 fully restored vintage aircraft. But as stories of unexplained occurrences such as unidentifiable noises, temperature changes and the detection of mists and shadows drifted into the paranormal community, Florida’s Apollo Paranormal Investigations (API), a non-profit investigative team out of Apollo, Fla., took notice.

API’s team of paranormal investigators (or “ghost hunters”) conducted a series of scientific explorations through Fantasy of Flight and, on a paranormal-activity scale between 1 and 10, assigned the vintage aircraft collection an 11. Based on their conclusions, Fantasy of Flight is premiering nightFlight, an after-hours program that offers visitors four hours to explore the facility in search of the unexplained.

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