Wingman Services: Database Downloads and EGPWS Updates

January 11, 2010

Reference: Databases for KLN 35A/KLN 88/KLN 89/KLN 89B/KLN 90/KLN 90A/KLN90B/KLN 94/KLX 100/KLX 135/KLX 135A/KLN 900

Dear Valued Database Customer:

After production and distribution of the Cycle 1001 databases (effective date 14-Jan-2010),Honeywell was informed by our data supplier, Jeppesen, that the data file delivered to Honeywell contained incorrect Dynamic Magnetic Variations for all terminal and en route waypoint records.For that reason, it is imperative that the incorrect databases NOT be used for arrival, departure, or approach operations.

Any of the following databases contain incorrect data that must be corrected before use:
1. Cycle 1001 databases downloaded from Wingman Services prior to January 12th, 2010.
2. Cycle 1001 databases on programmed media and received prior to January 12th, 2010.

To fix this issue, a corrected database must be installed prior to the next flight. For all units except the KLN 94, refer to the applicable pilot’s guide for database update instructions. For operators using KLN 94 equipment who downloaded the Cycle 1001 database prior to 16 January 2010, please refer to Service Information Letter "Incorrect Dynamic Magnetic Variation Data on database cycle 1001" PN D201001000010.

To obtain a corrected database:
1. For customers with web distribution, download the new data file Cycle 1001 and load the new database in the unit.
2. For customers with all other types of distribution, return the distribution media (except diskettes) to Wingman Services and a new Cycle 1001 will be sent back to be loaded into the unit.

Note that if it cannot be determined whether the Cycle 1001 database falls within the categories listed above, or if there is any uncertainty about the correctness of the data, a corrected database should be installed.

Updating a database is simple. Our annual subscriptions bring a new data card to a user’s doorstep every 28 days. Or download online to access new databases when they are needed, where they are needed.To determine if the GPS Internet download option is right for you,click here.

We have databases for all of the general aviation Honeywell products, whether Bendix/King KMD 850 Multi-Function Display, Bendix/King GPS or Skyforce Skymap IIIC.

For first-time GPS downloads, users are encouraged to print out and read a simple instructions document. Please click here to view the document.

For EGPWS databases, please click on the “Order for Mail Delivery” link below
**(Current software version for EGPWS is 454)**

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