The original pocket wrench.

I have owned oen of these for years....take a look at how handy this can be.

The Original Pocketwrench II™
One piece tool kit that fits  in the palm of your hand.
Self-tightening gripping action allows Pocketwrench II™ to grip fasteners that standard wrenches won't.
Grips both inch or metric sizes, hex or square -- anything that fits in the opening.
Reverse direction of rotation by simply turning tool over.
Variable width straight blade screwdriver doubles as a high-leverage, high-strength mini prybar.
1/4" hex socket allows you to use Pocketwrench II™ as socket or screwdriver bit insert handle.
Laser engraved inch and metric scales are convenient for measuring fasteners and other small items.
Laser cut from 400 series, high-carbon stainless steel (surgical grade) which is then heat treated and tempered for maximum durability.
Works great as a mini prybar for opening paint cans, etc.
Polished to a fine, lustrous, brushed finish.
Conveniently fits in sheath with other multi-function tools, in your pocket, or on your keychain.

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