New business..

We did something a little different this year...we had a booth at the Adult Entertainment Expo in Vegas.  Okay, I know it sounds wild, and really,  it was wild, but from a business marketing plan it worked for us. We were the only insurance agent with a booth. We promoted "toy" insurance for cars, boats, aircraft etc.  We are also working on product liability, commercial general liability, personal life insurance and more.  Specialty insurance products are what we do.

While it might not have been exactly what we anticipated, it was successful.  It was also fun and an experience of a lifetime.  Both my kids (don't worry, they are 22 and 24) and my partner (and spouse)  helped develop the marketing plan and work the show.  Since they are all involved in the business they had an input into how we would work this event. Question we are always asked...Would I go back?  Yes.

Anyway, if you or anyone you know, needs "toy" insurance or anything else that is unusual, give us a call. We like the specialty markets.

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