Comments about Britt Paulk Aviation

Just an update to any SkySmith customers that have heard rumors and comments about Britt Paulk.   My recommendation is to get the facts, from a trusted source, so you can make an informed decision as a consumer.

Britt Paulk‚Äôs "underlying" insurance company/carrier is getting out of aviation.  That doesn't mean Britt Paulk is getting out of aviation.  Britt Paulk will continue to offer renewal quotes until November 20, 2012 and I assume, will start quoting again as soon as they have secured a replacement "underlying" insurance company.

This type of thing happens in this market and SkySmith has seen this before with other underwriters.  Insurance is a highly regulated industry and every state's Insurance Commissioner is looking out for their consumers.  Britt Paulk is sending out required notices and the earth continues spinning on its axis. 

In my agency, we shop the entire market so our customers know their options, including Britt Paulk when available.

Even large companies like AIG (currently known as Chartis) have had some turbulent times..... and Chartis is a dominant player in the aviation marketplace.  And NEWS FLASH I understand they are converting back to AIG in the not too distant future.

Feel free to contact me about any questions you may have.  Remember I work for you.

Respectfully submitted,

Scott Sky Smith

SkySmith Insurance Agency

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