If you don’t like the experience you are having with life, there are 3 things you can do – starting right now – to change that…

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1.     Pay attention to your expectations:

When you start something (could be starting your day, going to the gym, going to work, starting a new job, going to a party, starting a business, starting a new relationship etc.) pay attention to what you REALLY expect.

What you REALLY expect determines where you put your focus because, as human beings, we like to be right, so whatever it is you really expect, you will then shift your focus to look for proof that you are right.

Once you become aware of what you really expect, you can choose a different expectation. Write it down, decide what proof you would need to look for to reaffirm this new expectation and commit to bringing yourself back to your new expectation any time you feel yourself stray.

2.     Pay attention to your focus:

As I just said, what you really expect determines what you focus on because we like to be right. So, without realizing it, you are focused on finding proof that your real expectation is true.

That means if your real expectation is struggle – you will look for proof of struggle. BUT if you shift your real expectation to ease, you will shift your focus to look for proof of ease.

At first, you will have to actively be aware of what you are looking for proof of. You will have to commit to looking for proof of your new, positive expectation. And when you do, everything including your stories – will change.

3.     Pay attention to your stories:

If real expectations determine what you focus on – then what you focus on determines your stories. Your story is what you tell yourself and other people about your current situation.

And here’s the real kicker – your stories have the power to reaffirm or change your real expectations. So, pay attention to the stories you are telling yourself and other people. And ask yourself how you can adjust your story to create a new, real and positive expectation.

Be kind to yourself – be gentle with yourself – be honest with yourself. When you are all 3, miraculous transformations can happen in the blink of an eye.

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