Three good reasons to quote a specialty boat policy

Own an boat? 

Thinking of buying a boat?  

January and February are big months for boat shows. If you are thinking of just adding your new boat to hyour homeowners policy, be sure you know why a seperate specualty policy is better. 

With a homeowners endorsement, there is likely a cap which is well below the boat's value. A boat policy covers the boat's agreed value or even its replacement cost.

With an endorsement, all the customer gets is physical damage coverage, and maybe some extension of liability. But a boat policy offers a fuller liability provision, as well as higher limits and other coverage options. A good boat policy is all about full protection and options, such as emergency assistance, protection from uninsured or underinsured boats, loss of fishing gear, and more.

With an endorsement, the list of covered perils is limited. A boat policy offers a comprehensive list.

Got questions, call.

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