What do you carry in your flight bag...

So whats in your flight bag...and aircraft?  Below is a basic list of things that you might want to consider having with you.

VFR maps (IFR charts if you are IFR rated and plan on filing)

At least one good headset (passengers can have earplugs or cheap headsets)

Earplugs (a number of those foam squishy type that the passengers can keep)

A fuel tester (you can never be too trusting of the transient gas truck)

Multi–tool (Leatherman or Buck Tool type of device)

Sick sacks, more than one! (For sick passengers or pilot and portable rest stops)

Motion sickness tablets or pills.

A backup handheld transceiver

Pens, pencil and notepad of paper

And in my case

A laminated US map and dry marker

Kneeboard (I rarely use, but I have it)

A handheld GPS (hiking works as long as used in conjunction with a sectional)

A four place portable intercom

A portable CD player (or mp3 player) with the input cables for the intercom

Power plugs for all the devices

A multi plug adapter to run more than one device on the power plug (cigar lighter)

Batteries for all the devices

Cell phone and charger

The aircraft bag

Wheel chocks

Tie downs and ropes

An extra roll of rope

Wire, assorted nuts, bolts and screws.

Plastic wire ties

A small camping hatchet

Small blanket and pillow

Extra gloves (I always forget a pair on one trip a year)