AirVenture Webcams. Technology, isn't it great!

If you cant make it to AirVenture or just want to see whats happening. Don't forget the webcams.

From the EAA: 

Watch some of the action from AirVenture with our on-site webcams, provided by Discovery World.

Some of these cameras run on pre-programmed direction and show live feeds from the grounds, and some cameras (like the Air Show camera) may display live video of the daily air show as viewed through the lens of EAA's video production team. This is not a television-quality broadcast of the event, just a chance to share their view. There will be times when the videographer is moving the camera, reviewing existing footage, etc., where you may not see the show itself. This is to be expected. Also, for the Theater in the Woods feed, this camera displays live video from evening programming. Due to contractual and other obligations, there are certain events that can not be broadcast.

Click here to see whats happening...

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