Law of attraction or ....

People often wonder why they are not “getting what they want” with the law of attraction.  Often they say “I tell myself I’ll get money or material things but it doesn’t happen”. But I believe it is more than just saying the words. Its automatic behaviors, thoughts and a deep down set in belief system.  Something that you don’t even think about, you just feel it.     

I get regular emails from Street Hypnosis (Clifford Mee and Igor Ledochowski) and I think this most recent one plays right into the “Law of Attraction”.
Mee wrote:

When your unconscious mind is fully "in-sync" with your conscious desires it can seem like miracles are happening all around you.

When both parts of your mind (the conscious AND the UNCONSCIOUS) are "walking lock-step" it can seem like opportunities and the right situations are finding their way to you.

Happiness finds you all by itself.

Joyful, alive feelings flow through you.

Your days seem to unfold perfectly.

The right people seem to appear at the right time.

Work gets done effortlessly without any sense of doer-ship.

Opportunities drop in your lap.

There is hardly any stress at all.

There is never any sense of being in the wrong place.


Because your unconscious mind is moving you to do the right things at the right time.

And because your unconscious is "in sync" with your conscious desires you automatically start moving in the direction of (and achieving) those desires faster and more smoothly than you've ever been able to before.

I could not have said it better.

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