Finally, Spring is here. Time to start getting the boat ready.

The boat has been stored waiting for the first signs of spring. Depending where you live, now might be the time to start preparing for the boating season.  

First let me start with a quick outline of what I think makes a good spring checklist for boat owners. In the next posting I'll go into more detail.

This is just a very brief overview of the preparation a boat owner needs to go through to get ready for the season.  Each boat will be a little different depending on the specific systems. If any of this seems like something the boat owner doesn’t want to undertake, call the boat service center and have them get the boat ready. 

Before you take the boat to the water
1.     Exterior inspection
a.     Wash, wax and repair
b.     Fitting and cleats
2.     Interior    
a.     Clean and patch  cushions and carpet
b.     Clean and protect wood
c.     Bilges, tanks and through hulls
3.     Systems
a.     Head
b.     Water
c.     Galley
4.     Engines
a.     Oil change
b.     Fuel systems
c.     Cooling systems
d.     Drive units
e.     Propellers
5.     Trailer
a.     Couplers
b.     Tires and wheels
c.     Bearings
d.     Lights
6.     Extras
a.     PFD
b.     Fire protection
c.     Registrations
d.     Insurance

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