My new GoPro Hero 3

As a gadget nut I usually try to get in on the start of new trends, but when it came to action video and cameras, I stuck with my Canon or iPhone. Well I wasn't able to hold off anymore.  With encouragement from my kids, I started looking into buying an action adventure camera such as the GoPro.  In the back of my mind I think all they wanted was a way to get incriminating video of their parents for some future use (or to win the prize money on the Funniest Home Videos Show), but whatever the reason, it worked. 

I finally ordered a GoPro Hero 3.  Part of me said I didn't need one and the other parts of me wanted to be able to film my activities. Not like I’m BASE jumping or mountain climbing, but I do motorcycle, boat, drive and fly. And in my mind, any of those activities should make it a worthy investment.

After researching what was available I actually bought a refurbished unit directly from GoPro.  I felt it was a great deal. It is in like new shape and I was very pleased with the price and the speed that I got it. And buying the camera itself is the small price, all the mounts and extras are what really add up. 

I must say that all those years of watching YouTube videos made with GoPro and looking at the GoPro cameras at the SEMA show, I never understood how small it really is and how high of quality the videos are.

I haven’t really used the unit yet, played with it in my recliner, like that’s an action shot.  But I can’t wait to get it set up on the ‘toon or motorcycle and start using it. 

Next on my “to do” list is “Extreme ‘tooning”…wait until you see those videos on YouTube.

Stay tuned for more "action" shots from SkySmith GoPro...I promise to get out of the recliner.

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