New Evinrude G2

While we were attending the Pontoon and Deck Boat Days at Table Rock lake, I was able to drive a New Bennington Tri-toon with a new Evinrude G2, 200 horsepower outboard.

I better back up and mention that when the Pontoon and Deck Boat  Days comes around next year, you don't want to miss the event. Where else can you get to drive 20+ new pontoons and deckboats?  Plus they gave away a pontoon (and Jeanne was only one card away from winning it).  Look out next year!

Back to the Evinrude, I didn't like the looks much in the pictures, but I don't think the pictures do the engine justice. It is very cool looking in person. The optional color panels, the power steering unit the quiet running.  I have to admit, I was almost ready to trade the Mercury (sorry Mercury) for a new one...except they didn't have one in my size.

Apparently my boats too small. So you are safe for now Mercury.

Oh and about the test drive, wow, it was great. I added to my pontoon knowledge and Jeanne and I decided that we really do have a great boat.

I always want a bigger boat with more power and more extras,  but what I have really works great for us and the dog.  The Pontoon and Deck Boat Days did give me a chance to compare what we have with our Bentley Cruise with what the other manufacturers offer (fit, finish and extras).  I don't think there is one boat that would be perfect, but I'd like to try and find it!

Oh and cup holders, you can never have enough cup holders, so we bought more from Terry Graber and Associates.

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