More winterization tips.

Boat lifts and docks. 

Depending on your dock and lift it the winter might not mean anything but removing the slip cover and greasing and checking the cables.  If it is a floating dock it might require removing the dock from the water and storing.  Which ever you do this is the time for a little preventative maintenance.  Preventative maintenance reduces the over all cost of ownership. Repairing before breaking extends the life of the item and reduces the cost of repairs.

Inspect the dock and lift for damage and corrosion.  Lubricate any pulleys and cables with good quality water resistant (marine grade) grease. This is also a good time to spray any cables with a rust and corrosion inhibitor. 

Remove any damaged boards or surface sections and replace.  If you don’t remove and replace at this time, make a list or what’s wrong and what parts you need to order. Order them early so you don’t forget. One good reason to do the repairs now is so that you are not pressured to get the repairs done and the docks back in the water come spring time. No one likes to miss a spring day of boating because you are waiting for parts (boat, dock or lift parts).

Paint or treat any surface material to seal the moisture out. 

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