SEMA 2014

If you are in the automotive industry and you haven’t been to the SEMA show in Las Vegas every November, well I feel bad for you.  It is one of the greatest car shows of the year. This year, 2014 was probably one of the biggest SEMA shows I have been to in years. 

Watching the new Mustangs give rides was pretty cool.

The outside lots were filled with cars and trucks that could take most of the day to just walk through. If you stopped and spent any time at any one vehicle, well, you should be planning to go back to the event for a couple more days. There is no way that a person can see everything in a day. Even if you are selective at where you stop, it’s going to be a long show. I’m not sure how many walking miles I put on, but it was a lot. And I hate to say it, I still missed things.

So instead of talking about all the stuff I did see and the things I missed, I’m going to add a few pictures for you to review. I can say, as a freelance writer the contacts I made are great. I have a number of projects in the works that can benefit from the business connections. In fact, that’s what SEAM is really about, business connections in the automotive industry.

Oh and don’t tell Jeanne but there are a few personal things that I discovered and want for my own vehicles. 

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