Thinking about a collector or custom vehicle for Christmas?

While you are shopping for the next cool vehicle, keep in mind you should look for specialty insurance to go with it. 

Custom and collector vehicle insurance is a specialty product.  It is tailored for vehicles that are not regularly driven, usually less than 5,000 miles a year. Maybe they are driven for fun, to local club events, a show or rally.  Other restrictions or limitations could include that all drivers need to be over 26 years old and you must have another vehicle that you use as your regular “daily driver”.  Company requirements vary.
Other items might include that the vehicle does need to be in a fully enclosed and locked garage, shop or building. But recently, some of the underwriters have started approving carports and other storage areas as protection.  
Dont insure your custom car or bike for a “used vehicle” value from an underwriter that doesn’t understand the value of your vehicle.   Specialty coverages are usually “agreed” values which will make sure you get what you have it insured for (minus any deductibles). You have too much time and money in your vehicles not to protect them for what they are worth.

Have more than one custom vehicle on the same policy?  With most specialty policies, you pay the liability once, for all your cars or motorcycles listed on that policy.
Have an accident?  Claims are settled by adjusters that understand custom and collector vehicles.
The basic breakout of categories for custom or collector vehicle insurance are:

Antiques (over 25 years old),
Classics (20 to 24 years old)
Collectibles (15 to 19 years old)
Customs (mechanically or cosmetically altered)
Exotic cars (less than 15 years old but appreciating)
Street rods (usually cars built before 1950 that have been and mechanically or cosmetically altered)
Kit cars (built from a package)

Each company has a different variation on their categories and what qualifies as modifications.

The vehicle usually needs to have some appreciable characteristics. If the vehicle is newer and doesn’t have any collectable or appreciable status, it’s probably not going to meet the underwriter’s guidelines.

Doesn't mean a new car can’t be on a specialty policy, it just depends what model and the market for the vehicle.

Oh, even collector boats can be insured with a specialty company. So that old Chris Craft ,in the barn, better finish the restoration and put it in the water.

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